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Your star performer could be sitting in front of you.

HATS can play a critical role in managing organizational risk by helping you ensure the right people are hired, promoted and developed.


Once you have invested in recruiting your top performer, HATS can help you identify what preferences and behavioural competencies will accelerate or hinder an individual’s performance in a particular role, and help you determine what will drive them to advance their career within your company.


It’s the ultimate assessment tool for managing and developing people who are destined for leadership as well as for those who will thrive in an operational or supporting role.


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HATS for employee development is recommended for

  • organizations that want to analyze and benchmark performance, constantly raising the bar and supporting their staff to achieve it;

  • facilitating three-way partnerships between the executive, the coach, and the organization by offering a structured methodology for formulating a development or leadership plan



Employee Development

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