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Be remembered for helping shape someone’s success.

Whether choosing or changing careers, there is now a way to accurately identify the right job for an individual by looking deeper than the resume.

HATS can be used for both career guidance and raising self-awareness by providing greater insight into strengths, weaknesses, and the kinds of work a person should do to experience career satisfaction.


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When used for coaching, career guidance and counselling, HATS is recommended for


  • learning and development professionals who support employees through company restructures or career transition and outplacement

  • professional coaches who want a system that provides meaningful insight the behaviours impacting on the success and happiness of their clients

  • therapists who want a fast way to identify the roadblocks confronting their clients; and

  • career counsellors who want an expanded and in-depth career selection tool to help school leavers and university students who need more than the standard career tools to resolve career indecision



Career Guidance

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