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Drive faster, better employee selection decisions with HATS

You don’t need to spend hours sorting through resumes, short-listing and interviewing to find the perfect candidate match to the job.

In as little as 30 seconds, you can gain deep insight into your candidates even before you meet them by using the HATS online assessment system.

The HATS assessment can be tailored against an organisation’s own performance criteria ensuring you make selection and hiring decisions that translate into high performance and retention of high-potential talent.

The result is peace of mind that you’ve hired the right people, in the right roles, and who can be developed to their full potential.


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HATS for recruitment is recommended for

  • HR professionals who insist on using the best in assessment technology to help drive talent selection and management decisions in their organisation

  • large HR departments that want an assessment tool comprehensive enough to be used across multiple selection, development and talent management applications within the company; and

  • Organisations with tough selection situations where turnover or performance issues are not being resolved with current selection practices.




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